Contest Winners Announced!
Thanks to everyone who entered my sweepstakes and who helped me spread the word.

The first winner of a $100 Amazon gift card is ...


The second winner of a $100 Amazon gift card in my second chance referral sweepstakes is...


Congrats, ladies! Enjoy your prizes!

I WON!!!
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who nominated my book and helped get it in front of Amazon's publishing imprints. They contacted me a couple of days ago to let me know that I had won! I'm in the process now of getting my manuscript ready and I will submit it to them. Once they go through it and make changes/edits, then we'll be publishing in the near future (hopefully).

I really am grateful for everyone's help. I know I'm a writer, but I just can't put into words what this all means to me.

Thank you.

Last Day!
Today is the last day to nominate my book, "Royal Date," for the Amazon Kindle Scout program. You can find instructions here -

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me out with this!

This is my new website, created by my hunky husband. What do you think?

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